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Coast 2 Coast Building Supply LLC is America’s premier EZ Log Structure distributor.  Our easy to assemble building kits use kiln dried, spruce logs with tongue and grooves for easy stacking, interlocking corners and connecting interior divisional walls. Each kit includes inventory lists, numbered components and assembly instructions.

EZ Log Structures

EZ Log Structures: Emma-4F_2_colEZ Log Structures are produced by Tene Kaubandus of Haapsalu, Estonia.  Tene Kaubandus is Europe’s leading producer of interlocking log buildings. They produce over 28,000 cabins annually and are available for purchase not just in Europe, but also in Canada, Australia and USA.  These kit’s are not only great looking and sturdy, but are truly the ideal Do-It-Yourself project. And that is why these cabins have become so popular.

EZ Log Structures, however, are not just storage sheds but are often used as extended living areas, designed for use by people.

Three Categories of Product

Our EZ Log Structures product line is broken down in three categories to help understand the various applications.

Garden Houses

Hot tub & swimming pool change houses, pump houses, hobby & craft rooms, bunkies, guest cabins, card rooms, outdoor dining, games rooms, fitness studio, TV or sitting rooms, smoking lounges, or just a quite get away. Another way of putting it, these are extended living spaces.

Seasonal Cabins

Recreational property, resorts, campgrounds, parks, lodges, guest cabins, hunting & fishing cabins.


Our homes are the most environmentally friendly dwelling available, using solid wood from renewable resources. They can be delivered to site and assembled in less time than conventional construction without the need for skill carpenters, and virtually no waste. These year-round dwellings can be insulated to the R-value of choice using studs on the perimeter walls.

And best of all, our EZ Log Structures and cabins are easy to assemble!


EZ log structures are designed to be not only used for storage but based on the finished interior of the product when completed can be used for bunkhouses, entertainment spots, hot tub houses, and the new “hot item” outside entertainment areas

The buildings are whats considered pre-cut, they assemble very easily once the base is set.  Your basic construction tools are all that is required when doing the assembly.  This is an excellent day project for the family.

No. Most of the kits come with the floor which includes the treated bottom joist system.  Many people apply this floor system to 4×4 or 4×6 treated runners to bring the building off the ground and make it movable.

As in any type of construction it is VERY important to have your base both level and square.  This will ensure the quality finish product that you want to achieve.